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Chez Jabier is surrounded by rivers and streams, great for short or long walks / hiking, bird watching, fishing, cycling, history enthusiasts, country retreat searchers, archiology and much more. 

Les Pierres Jaumâtres

Set on Mount Barlot with panoramic views of the Berry and the Valley of Boussac.  Discover the extraordinary granite stones.
For many centuries visitors have pondered the history of these stones but still to this day the mystery of their origin remains.
"An activity for young and old" - Free admission all through the year 

L’aventure dans les arbres( The Adventure In The Trees)



A great family fun day out, guaranteed thrills and excitement. The site is situated at the beginning of the walk to the Pierres Jaumatres stones. Each course takes approximately 2hrs in duration with 5 courses to choose from, beginner to expert.
There is also a course available for children between the ages of 4 - 6 years old, but each child must be accompanied by an adult throughout the course.  We must not forget the very little ones as at the base of the course there are numerous bouncy castles and trampolines and to finish off a wonderful day out why not try your hand at a game of mini golf

Open every day from 1st April to 2nd October - open every week end all through the year and school holidays from 10.00 am to 10.00pm.  There is also a restaurant for a cold beer or juice after your walk, or a good meal.  Prices are very reasonable and the food delightful.

Culan Chateau

The castle, listed as a Historic Monument at the start of the 20th century.  Classified for its walls and roof in 1956, Culan Chateau has known a turbulent history. It is built on a rocky outcrop dominating the River Arnon (a site naturel classé - classified natural site). The first wooden construction, of which nothing remained, was demolished in the 10th century. A second building was besieged and destroyed by King Philip II Augustus of France (1188), then at war with Henry II Plantagenet, King of England. The present castle dates from 12th century until 15th century, with additions from the Renaissance. It has belonged, among others, to Admiral Louis de Culant (1360 – 1444), to Maximilien de Béthune, duc de Sully (1599 – 1621), and later the Prince de Condé. In 1651, during the Fronde, Mazarin laid siege to the town with royal troops and destroyed the 15th century ramparts. During the Revolution, the castle lands were shared among several families and the fortress was sold as national property.

The castle received several famous visitors: Joan of Arc, Louis XI, Sully, Madame de Sévigné, the novelist George Sand and Ernest Renan. General Charles de Gaulle, visiting Saint-Amand-Montrond after the war, preferred to sleep in a private house in the Rue de l'Église.

The château de Culan is in excellent condition. It was restored between 1950 and 1980 by an earlier owner, Jean Ferragut, who organised exhibitions there (Pablo Picasso, Bernard Buffet, Flemish tapestries, etc.) It is one of the few castles to still have wooden turrets which allowed stones and other projectiles to be thrown down onto attackers. The castle has beautiful monumental fireplaces from the 15th century. Around the castle, at the end of the 20th century, 'medieval gardens' were laid out.

The present owners, Jean Pierre Marquis and Edouard Marquis (father and son), are continuing the work of restoration and preservation.

The castle is open to visitors every day from Easter to the end of October. Medieval weekends are organised in July and August as well as torchlight tours on some summer evenings.

Some other attractions are the meteors in Rochechouart, the botanical gardens in Limoges, Oradour sur Glane, Monkeys at the vallée des singes

Château de Boussac

Built on an exceptional site, where there has been military activity since the time of the Romans.  The Chateau dates from the 12th, 13th and the beginning of the 15th century. It was reconstructed around 1400 by the Marechal Jean 1st de Brosse, a companion of Jeanne d'Arc.
You can visit a suite of rooms reflecting these periods, where there are huge fireplaces and original stone floors.
During the 18th Century the first and second floors of the castle were decorated with ancient wooden carvings, antique furniture and ancient tapestries.
George Sand stayed at the Chateau de Boussac. She based her first pastoral novel "Jeanne" in Boussac and the nearby Pierres Jaumatres and Toulx Sainte Croix.
It was in the Chateau de Boussac where the Tapestries of the "Dame à la Licorne" were discovered: the Chateau has, therefore, an important place in the history of the Tapestries. Today, the Tapestries are in the Musée de Cluny.
Abandoned for decades, restoration of the Chateau de Boussac has been ongoing since 1965.  Work is ongoing.
Furnished and occupied, the Chateau is open to the public throughout the year.  Each summer exhibitions are organised to enhance your visit: the most famous artists in modern Tapestries have been exhibited in Boussac.

Open every day  9am - 12noon and 2 pm - 5 .30pm from May to September- out of season booking is required

Llama Trekking

Llama Trekking at Les Fragnes Llamas (Nouzerines)
Family friendly fun at Les Fragnes!

Here is what it is all about. A llama trek is a walk with a llama. You don’t need any special skills, just sensible footwear. You lead your llama along, and enjoy his peaceful, relaxing company as you discover the delights of our rural retreat, here in Creuse, at your own pace. The owners are there to supervise things, so you can feel totally relaxed with their lovely llamas.

The treks are designed to be a fun family experience. There are two routes to choose from, the shorter Petit Cria Trail, and the longer Grand Lama Trail. Both take in woods, lakes and fields and there is a llama discovery quiz to do on the way round, also posters will tell you about the trees, birds, plants and animals you might encounter.

And after the trek, it’s time to meet and feed all the other llamas and alpacas before doing a little llama-related craft. Perhaps you’ll find time to browse at our souvenir stall too.

Base nautique de Sidiailles

The water extends to ninety hectares in beautiful surroundings.  You may wish to hire a boat with pedals (pedalo), which can accommodate between two to four people, you may wish to rent a boat, a canoe or a kayak. This nautical base is an excellent environment adapted to you, however energetic or not you desire to be.  The beach boasts the essential snack bar and numerous picnic areas at your disposal. There is an excellent beach and the space to bathe; an adventure playground for the children and a volleyball/badminton area
A truely lovely relaxing day out for all the family

Etang D'Herculat

An 18 hectare lake approxlmately 20 minutes from the cottage, which has supervised swimming, fishing - day permits can be purchased on site. Pedal boats, small hiking foopaths and mountain biking. There is a  Restaurant and beach bar just steps from the beach.

The Company of Wolves

Wolves at Gueret
Wolves at Gueret
Although an hours drive, this is well worth the trip.  Included in the park with the Wolves are pygmy goats, sheep and pot bellied pigs.  Feeding time for the wolves is generally at four o’clock. There is an observatory, hence the name of the web site.

The park is part of an important conservation project aimed at preserving and promoting wolves from various parts of the world. As you walk around and observe the wolves, they are in, as close to their natural habitat as possible. Fascinating to watch, you can see where the behaviour of our dogs originated from. The museum is impressive and teaches you about the history of wolves in the Limousin and how they were roaming wild in this part of the world only a century ago. Fears of rabies led to widespread culls and the wolves were eventually driven out. 

To see the wolves and hear them baying you can watch the video below: 

Please excuse the picture quality.

For more information on Les Loups de Chabrières visit: